Our mission is to produce an affordable, quality, functional, beautiful knife that can be enjoyed for generations.

David Kurt, the knife maker, began making knives as a hobby 11 years ago. His knives have been used in the field and kitchen successfully since that time. David’s dream of becoming a full-time knife maker became reality earlier in 2010, when he and his partner, Andrea Duvall, began David Kurt Handmade Knives as a business.

Quality, fit and finish, as well as the feel of the knife in the customer’s hand are of utmost importance to David and he dedicates his making to these principles. He takes pride in the process of hand manufacture from original drawn designs to completion of the knife. He considers his craft a labor of love and a piece of his soul rests in the design and completion of each of his blades.

Here at David Kurt Handmade Knives, we believe in customer satisfaction. Every step of the knife making process is performed by hand. All blades are heat treated by Paul Bos Heat Treating. We guarantee our product against defects not including abuse or misuse of the knife. Certain handle materials may crack or break depending on the material if mishandled. We will gladly repair or replace a knife if you should experience a problem.

All knives are shipped when ready and come with a leather or kydex sheath. Display boxes and hand-tooled sheaths can be made upon request for an additional fee.

We offer custom knives; we will work with the customer’s design based off pictures, drawings and descriptions. We require a deposit for a custom knife.

Andrea crafts the leather sheaths by hand. In addition, she works to photo-document the knives and helps behind the scenes for the business. In her “spare” time, she is a full-time veterinarian.